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It would be wonderful if all displays were calibrated to a single standard at the factory and delivered that way to customers.  If this were the case, there would probably be little apparent difference in terms of color and brightness from one similarly priced model to another on the showroom floor.

However, the goal of each manufacturer is to sell as many sets as possible which requires that their particular model stands out in a brightly lit store. Surveys have indicated that white objects which are portrayed with a slightly blue tint tend to be perceived as brighter and more appealing to a potential customer.  Most sets out of the box are set in the "showroom" mode  producing an image which neither resembles what the director intended nor is appropriate for the typical viewing environment.  In recent years, manufacturers have made available more picture controls to the consumer, allowing customization for a particular installation.  While that allows for major improvements, misadjusting this myriad of controls can degrade rather than improve the picture.  

An ISF calibrator with the proper test equipment is trained to restore your display to video industry standards for brightness, contrast, sharpness, grayscale and color balance, assuring it delivers the best picture it is capable of and optimizing these settings for the lighting characteristics of your room.  At the same time, he or she can examine your system and select settings to minimize artifacts and distortions that may be present from each program source.

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