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When you call or e-mail us, one option is to schedule an initial consultation. This allows us to examine your system, make  recommendations, record  model numbers, and initially set basic user controls.  Since each manufacturer provides a slightly different calibration menu, this allows us to fully research your components prior to beginning detailed adjustments.   The fee for this is $75 which includes a 100% credit toward future calibration services scheduled within the next 30 days.  

If your video display is brand new, we prefer to wait until it has at least 100 hours of operation before attempting a detailed calibration.  This allows its internal components to complete their initial burn-in period and settle closer to their long term characteristic values.

Our fee schedule is dependent on the type of display, controls available, and number of program sources.  Prices start at $250 for the first input of a typical flat panel, up to 60 inches. Projectors are slightly higher.  A detailed estimate will be provided before starting work.

                         We now have "4K" calibration capability!

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